Time to ReProgram

Shows are supposed to inspire.  Shows are meant to make statements. Shows are meant to be therapeutic, not just for the performers but for the fans as well.  

Last week was pretty epic.  I got to showcase two projects I've been super passionate about for the last year and change.  Monday night 2/19 my band ALKE opened up for the Sunset Jam.  I finally got to try out a playback set up prototype that I custom built out of an aluminum briefcase I found on Craigslist.  It consists of a very simple focusrite 2i4 interface, a 4 out headphone amp and a three port power strip.  My laptop sits on top and all the cables drape very cleanly down a one inch diameter hole I bored out of the bottom.  I successfully mounted an SPD stand hardware piece to the bottom so I can mount it to an SPD- like stand and have it sit neatly beside my kit.  The whole show went great with the whole band locked into a click sent out of my headphone amp.  We lost the click in one song but I haven't been able to troubleshoot why since it was our lead guitarists computer and haven't had access to his protools session since.  ALKE powered through the set like pros and I can't wait to see the growth of this project.

Tuesday 2/20 was one for the books as well.  My good friend Angela Mukul finally made the debut of her show and new moniker, LeyeT at the Peppermint club.  When I got behind the drums for sound check I noticed that this place came equipped with 4 DIs behind the kit.  I immediately felt at home.  This place gets me.  I had played a show there about a year ago but didn't run tracks for that one.   After getting through the LeyeT show with only 4 rehearsals and a quick preproduction timeline, I was very pleased with our performance as a 3 piece (Guitar, Vocals, and Drums).  

After the adrenaline from the shows wore off I found myself in very pragmatic mood.  I was searching for reasons as to why we lost the slate in the 2nd song and click disappeared half way through the song.  It seemed to be there for the rest of the set.  And finally, during the 6th of 7 songs we lost the bass track which I was sending separate from my stereo L/R on channels 3/4 to front of house.  All of these problems and ones that hadn't even occurred kept running through my mind.  It gave me anxiety.  After all, when shit goes wrong with play back...it's on me.  That's a lot of pressure.  Now, I've been running playback for a couple years now but never from my computer and my system.  And many of those shows I was running them through triggering the wavs from my SPD.   My systematic need for answers to these problems began to grow.

Call it law of attraction or whatever else you want but I just received an opportunity to join a master class in programming live shows with Ableton less than one week later.  I'm excited to meet Laura Escude and her team of professionals at Electronic Creatives.  I am so ready to take this skill to the next level.  I'm gearing up and stripping down all of my previous ways of thinking, doing, and believing.  This is my wave and I'm paddling stronger than ever.  I've had my wetsuit packed for this trip for way too long.

LAURA ESCUDE! If you find yourself on my website and are reading this, just know that I am the perfect candidate for your master class and am taking this opportunity very seriously.  My bags are packed.  Let's go!

NAMM 2018

Excited for a new year and I'm excited to see all of my friends and colleagues at NAMM this year.  2017 was a whirlwind of regrouping and getting prepared for one of the biggest years of my career.  Now, with more focus and routine than ever, I'm ready for whatever life throws at me. My vision board is pretty simple.



Connection can be as simple as plugging in your phone cable. Connection can be where the 101 meets the I5 freeway somewhere in downtown LA.  Connection can be meeting up with that friend you haven’t seen in years.  Connection can be that smile, that smell, a song or when your eyes lock with that girl for a split second when she passes you by at your favorite neighborhood bar. Connection….Human connection!  It penetrates your reminiscent mind, your loving heart, your forgiving soul and it creates a hardwired bond with your emotions.  We long for it.  We crave it.  We need it.  It’s everything.  It’s why we exist.  Human connection. The connection is real.  The connection is human.  That's why we all work so hard at our artistic craft.  It's what defines us.  Connection... is how we connect.

- nick

Branding With a Purpose

I'm so stoked to have the Baki Clothing Company guys on my team.  They make great clothing branded with the NW in mind and are touching the souls of the world.  They use the best materials and make it with a purpose all the way from Bali.  If you want a discount use promo code NICK and save some skrilla.  Also, some of that money will go towards helping the local communities that they are working with. Check out www.bakiclothing.com/ for the latest clothing designs including new summer board shorts and women's clothing.

Nick Ineck Website Launch

Hello friends, family and fans.  I am so excited to finally launch my website NickIneck.com after many months of re-branding and creative collaboration.  I want to thank Clarissa Butler and her creative team for helping me with my branding and aesthetic over the last few months.  Lilly Lawrence receives my accolades for being an amazing photographer and wearing so many hats on our Easter Sunday photo shoot in Hollywood.  She really has my respect and love on so many levels... she's pretty much like a BOSS.  I have to thank my inspiration and fashion design team, Dru DeCaro, Angela Mukul, Jenn Rene, Michael Adrian and Jenn Burgett for getting me excited about so many new and comfortable looks.  JB is killing it with the custom shirts and I can't wait to rock her designs at my shows.  Baki, Idahome and Soultone have been good to me over the years and I can't wait to add many more brands to my family this year.  I have to give a big shout out to my boys Brad Wray, Greg Karagianis and Dru DeCaro for not only being a musical inspiration in my life but for being a sounding board for so many ideas and situations. My business partner and soul brother, Petey, is last but certainly not least when it comes to keeping me balanced and humble through my transition period.  All you guys and so many many more people have inspired me and helped me with this project and I am very thankful for each and every one of you. 


This website is designed to keep you informed of the shows that I am playing, the drums that I'm beating, the brands I'm rocking, the cultures I embrace and the thoughts that are on my mind.  The journal is something I am going to try and develop over the next year by sharing my writings with you once a month or so.  My entries will include poetry, lyric writing, rants and other ideas on life, music, love, travels and charity.  Thanks to all for the collaboration and amazing talents you have all blessed me with.  NOW GET BACK TO WORK! haha